​Dr. Jon Kedrowski

Keynote Speaking

In his captivating keynote speeches to corporate and educational audiences, Dr. Jon authentically shares the stories behind his adventures, books, and expeditions (including Everest), while imparting “Lessons from the Summits” that motivate audiences toward better goal setting, teamwork, and leadership. With mountains as a metaphor for life, Jon equips audiences with the tools they need to face storms, overcome adversity, and better assess risk management, as they “climb their own Everest” both professionally and personally.  Jon also visits dozens of schools every year ranging from elementary to secondary to universities, mentoring to thousands of students annually. 

"I highly recommend Jon as a Keynote Speaker if you are looking for someone that has the unique ability to combine impressive subject matter and lessons from his summits all over the world that relates to numerous challenges in the business environment."                

                                                -R. Cargo, COO, Raymond James Financial

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"Climbing to the top of your next Everest isn't always going to be easy." 


Do you have what it takes to climb some of the highest peaks on the planet? Anything is possible.  Dr. Jon has been to six of the seven continental summits, including Mount Everest, and has climbed and skied mountains all over the world.  Human powered adventures such as skiing and spending the night on the Colorado 14ers, California 14ers, climbing and skiing the Cascade volcanoes, and climbing an 8000m peak, are just a few of the adventures shared here.  Many of Jon's stories are told through his photographs, and @drjonkedski on Instagram.  

Adventurer - Author


Keynote Speaker

     13th Annual N.O.D. Basketball Camp

       June 4-6, 2018   

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