​Dr. Jon Kedrowski

Summit photos  - and camp on the lower glacier at midnight with the moon.  It never gets totally dark in Alaska in June!

Glacier Landing on the SE Fork of the Kahiltna

Denali, Alaska 20,320' - 6194m

I have been to Alaska on two separate expeditions to climb and ski North America's highest mountain.  My first summit of the peak was in May 2009, while my latest summit was June 13, 2017.  Both times the peak was cold with -20 to -40 F temps! 

Denali is tough because the weather can be difficult.  ON stormy rest days we would play cards and go out and ski from 14,000' camp.  Both of my trips the summit was reached on a 11 to 16 hour summit day (pending conditions) from the 14K camp.  A typical expedition last up to 20 days.  Fortunately in 2009 I summited in 6 days and in 2017 it took a bit longer due to weather delays.