​Dr. Jon Kedrowski

Dr. Kedrowski's climb of Mount Everest was featured in a documentary on DatelineNBC. Into the Death Zone won the 2014 Edward R. Morrow Award for best use of sound a video. To access the 6 part Episode, click on the link:  DatelineNBC: Into the Death Zone.

In 2012, Jon's climb of Mount Everest was cut short when he was above the Balcony at 28,300', just below the South Summit on Everest, less than 800 feet from the summit in the early morning hours of May 20th.  100 mile per hour winds knocked Jon and his team to the ground and there was no other choice but to go down.  Several people that had been stuck up near the summit earlier that day later had experienced problems on their descent lower down near Camp IV and had perished in the storm. In fact seven people lost their lives on Everest that night, making it the worst single night on Everest since the 1996 tragedy that was featured in Jon Krakauer's best-seller Into Thin Air.

Jon and his teammates all made it back down the mountain safely, but then there was a new decision to be made - was Kedrowski strong enough to go back up the mountain less than a week later when the weather had improved? It is very rare to climb twice above 8000m in a week, but Dr. Jon felt he was strong enough to go back up to the summit.  Could he do it, would Kedrowski make it back to where he had turned around before and reach the Top of the World? Tune in to the videos on this page and the DatelineNBC documentary to find out.

KDVR Fox 31 Denver Footage.

Into the Death Zone: DatelineNBC

 Mount Everest Summit (2012)